Always A Time For Tea at Lewis and Carroll


I’ve always been attracted by the exterior of the building where Lewis and Carroll nestles every time I pass by it and a few days ago I finally had the chance to actually go there. The interior is really cozy and lovely, with earthy tones and adorable looking teapots on display and on table tops. I’ve already had lunch so I came especially to try the tea, since I am a tea addict myself. The place offers a wide range of tea in different types and flavours; black ,white, green, fruit to flower, you name it. They come in hot and iced depending on how you like it, and there are three types with different prices: signature tea, heritage tea, and legacy tea.


I was in the mood for something fruity so I decided to order Happy Summer Days, one of the signature tea favourites with a blend of apple, pineapple, papaya, mango, mate, hibiscus, bamboo and lemongrass. As an Earl Grey fan, I decided to try their Earl Grey ice cream but unfortunately it was sold out, so I ordered an Earl Grey eclair instead. I went there with Aul and he wanted something fresh and cold as it was sunny and hot outside, so he ordered Eat Me Else iced tea with a vanilla bean flavour to it.


Earl Grey Eclair (around 47k before tax) and Happy Summer Days Fruit Signature Tea (around 34k before tax)


I really liked the tea as it was really fragrant and fresh. I could taste the hints of apple and pineapple really clearly, which accompanied the delicious tasting Earl Grey eclair really well. The vibrant coloured tea pot and tiny cup also played a significant role in the whole experience as I could personally pour the tea myself, little by little, and enjoy it from the tiny ceramic cup. It’s true what they say, never underestimate the power of tea and a good book, because it was bliss sitting back and reading while sipping my hot tea.

While I was reading, Aul was busy looking around taking photographs of the interior (well also due to my request to photograph for this blog), but luckily doing what he likes the most. So it was definitely a win-win for us too. The atmosphere had a calm air to it, with chilling tunes playing over the speakers just in the right volume and little conversations of other tea-enjoyers. I can say that it is surely a great place to relax, meet up with friends, or even work on your tasks on your laptop if you need to,  with tea and great food making everything a little better.


Eat Me Else Fruit Signature Iced Tea (around  34k before tax)

Aul enjoyed his iced tea too and it surely matched the description on the menu; you could taste all the little hints in the blend, especially the vanilla.

If you’re a tea lover, the choices are endless and you can even smell the different blends before ordering to get a sense of what you’ll be drinking. If you’re not that into tea, they also offer other drinks like cold-press juice or artisanal black coffee. I would really love to come back and try the other flavours, also the lunch menu. I heard from a good friend of mine that the Salmon Fried Rice and Aglio Olio is a must try.

Upon leaving, we also got to go upstairs and look at the beautiful garden outside the private room area on the 3rd floor. It surely looked like a great place to have gatherings. Also, on the 2nd floor, there’s a yoga studio called Yoga Dham that offers classes teaching yoga using the Iyengar method. Seems really interesting for those who love yoga.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Lewis and Carroll and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new tea experience, or just simply, a nice place to chill out, have lunch, dinner or simply tea time with friends.



Lewis and Carroll
Address: Jalan Bumi No. 4, Gunung, Kebayoran Baru, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Photography by Aulia Aufar
Copy by Rianka Talina

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