Yoga With Adriene – 30 Day Challenge

The holidays are here and it’s the perfect time to do more exercises like I’ve been wanting to. With more free time at home, I decided to give the Yoga With Adriene 30 Day Challenge a try. I’ve been a ‘Yoga With Adriene’ fan for quiet some time now and I’ve been following her videos to do some yoga in the comfort of my own room, but I usually follow about only 3 videos and repeat them. This holiday, I want to explore more about yoga and have a better feel of its benefits, so the 30 Day Challenge is a perfect way to do it. Each day, I follow Adriene’s step-by-step yoga practice which offers a great variety of routines that last for about 20-30 minutes each. On days when I really don’t have time to do the challenge, I make up for it the next day and do the videos that I missed first.


Today is my 15th day, and halfway throughout the challenge, I can feel the improvement that I managed to achieve, like being able to balance better and achieving more from each pose day by day.The benefits are the best. After a yoga session (which I do either in the morning or afternoon after waiting about 2 hours after a big meal) I feel happier, fresher and more optimistic. Sometimes after a great yoga session, I feel like all the weight on my shoulders are lifted. It truly is a great way to maintain my metabolism and health. On days where I feel weak or about to catch a flu, I choose to follow Adriene’s special video for when you’re about to be sick, and I find myself feeling slightly better after. I am surely looking forward to seeing the results after accomplishing the 30 day challenge and I’m enjoying the whole process.

What are you waiting for. Give it a try and find a better version of yourself. Trust me, Adriene is the best and you’ll be really thankful for her videos.





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