From Our Friends Coffee Shop: Started from a shared passion for coffee

A year ago, Nadya, Aul and Edward were just three friends who got to know each other because of their shared passion for coffee. Aul was a freelance photographer at a local coffee shop in Gading Serpong area, and once in a while he came across Nadya who was a loyal customer. They shared little conversations over coffee and soon enough became great friends. During that time, Edward was enjoying his job as a barista at Tanamera Coffee when one day he shared about his knowledge on coffee with Nadya and Aul when they came as guests. Long story short, the three of them became friends and they had one dream in common. They dreamed of being able to run their own coffee shop and wanted to try to achieve it together.

They started having meetings, discussing many things, from their vision and mission for the coffee shop, the system, costing, design, interior design to the type of coffee they want to provide. Thankfully, friends and family supported them and so they started putting everything together. They looked for investors from close friends to support the funding, and together put all their efforts into their coffee shop.


A little interview with Aulia Aufar (Aul)

What motivated you to take the risk of starting a coffee shop without having much experience in the food and beverage industry? What made me sure and want to keep going is our confidence on each other. Even if we don’t have a lot of experience working in F&B, but one of our team members Edward has experience as a barista and we had to assure ourselves that we can manage this. The support we got from our family and friends also helped us. Moreover, we were convinced with our concept; in which we want to be one of the first speciality coffee shops in BSD that focuses on providing good quality coffee.

How do you maximise your work at From Our Friends while going through university? Luckily, my team members who have graduated really back me up when I need to go to campus. After finishing class and in my free time, I will stay in FOF and do what I can; from taking photographs for the social media and working as a barista.


What is the value that FOF has that makes it different with other coffee shops? We decided to keep FOF in one floor because we want to have more interaction with our customers; the regular or even new customers. We differentiate through our service which we hope can be more intimate. We love to meet new people and have sharing sessions regarding coffee or any thing else. We are also open to collaborations with other young entrepreneurs or creative people. In our little space, we hope our customers can have conversations with the barista as well as other customers, and everyone is free to learn to make their own coffee if they want to.

What is the biggest challenge that FOF is facing now, and how do you cope with it? The market still goes up and down, especially during holidays when there are not many campus students around here. It really affects our sales. Campus students really help us gain viral marketing in social media due to their updates. Despite that, we’re glad we can cater to other markets such as young mothers who meet up for breakfast or office employees. We have a membership card where customers can collect 9 stamps (1 stamp for a purchase of 1 beverage) and after 10 stamps receive a free drink. We notice that our loyal customers are interested to keep coming back for their daily coffee order and collect stamps. Also, we always try to make our coffee consistent and delicious everyday.


What’s the story behind the Wall Of Friends? Like the name “From Our Friends”, we receive a lot of support from our friends. In this wall, we would like to showcase polaroid pictures of our friends and family who have helped us along the way, and new friends we made along the way. This is one way to show our appreciation to them and to express how much we value them.


What’s the best thing about running your own coffee shop? I love making and drinking coffee everyday. I love being here. The environment here is also very supportive and fun to be in. I’m glad to be able to spend time with Edward and Nadya everyday, and seeing all the customers who come here everyday. They are the ones that keep me motivated to keep going everyday. They inspire me to keep moving forward.

What would you like to recommend from the menu? If you like coffee, I would recommend our Flat White or Cappuccino. Or if you prefer something sweeter, you can try our Cold White, which is basically sweetened chilled latte. If you’re not into coffee, you can try our Red Velvet Latte or Taro Latte. For food, we currently serve light snacks/desserts such as cream cheese brownie and banana cake.

DSC_7558-2DSC_9396-2Bianca (Intern at From Our Friends) and Nadya Esmeralda

If you’re around BSD area, make sure to stop by at this cozy and lovely coffee shop. The From Our Friends crew are ready to welcome you and serve you a delicious cup of coffee.

From Our Friends Coffee Shop

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat : 8 A.M – 5 P.M

📍: Ruko The Icon Business Park A/3 BSD City Indonesia


Waze/Gmaps “From Our Friends Coffee Shop”


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